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UKTBC mission & objectives


 UKTBC offer a range of international services to clients who are based either in the UK or abroad and who have business interests in the UK. We have significant experience of assisting Middle Eastern companies keen to do business in the UK and English and European companies wanting to invest in the Middle East.


Our aim is to provide quality service whereby we at UKTBC can provide the services that our clients require to set up business or live in the UK or even to expand into the Middle East as well as Europe.


How we work


We take the to explore the best route available for our clients, with a long term view, and taking into account all of the relevant facts known to us at the time of advising. We have extensive experience of applications under the Points Based Scheme

We are very happy to discuss with you the extent of involvement you require, from reviewing an application you have dealt with yourself, to advising on and making the entire application.  After exploring the options open to you, and identifying the best route for you or your business, we explain the steps we will take and keep you informed throughout.


Moving to and living in the UK is not only a matter of Immigration categories and Visa applications. We work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke service and the best advice to suit your business and individual needs, ensuring that a move to the UK is structured not only to comply with the rigours of the Immigration Rules, but makes financial and practical sense too. In addition, we assist in international immigration in other jurisdictions, either in-house or in liaison with our network of carefully selected overseas lawyers so that clients need only have one point of contact.

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